Yellow Blocks x JobHop01 January

Yellow Blocks x JobHop

Today marks the partnership of JobHop and Yellow Blocks


JobHop (www.JobHop.vn) is a Vietnamese recruitment service firm that aims to simplify and streamline the recruiting process for human resource managers. The company uses data and AI technology to sort through applicant profiles across Vietnamese sites to recommend the best candidates.

Also, YellowBlocks would like to congrats Mr. Tung Kevin Nguyen – founder of JobHop, is on Forbes list 30 Under 30 – Asia – Enterprise Technology 2019.

Then, to make the day even more special, we bring you some interesting information about the 4th Industrial Revolution and key take aways from Vietnam IT job market. Let’s go!


But first of all, what is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Unlike the preceded three Industrial Revolutions – steam power, electricity, and computerization, the fourth one challenge our ideas about what it means to be human. Simply put, the Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to how technologies and the internet of things are merging with humans’ physical lives.

Read more:https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2018/08/13/the-4th-industrial-revolution-is-here-are-you-ready/


The 4th Industrial Revolution impact makes the IT job market in Vietnam change dramatically. 

Information Technology is the industry with highest recruitment demand in 2018.

Below are some key takeaways from the Overview of Vietnam’s IT Job Market Report byJobHop: 

– Top demand IT jobs are: Software developers and IT Infrastructure
– Vietnam tech talents are young, potential and well-educated with 77% is Undergraduate and 67% is above Senior level.
– Year of experience ft. salary range: 57% Under 5 years (which may got the salary range from $300-$1000USD) and 9.8% Over 10 years (which may got >$2500 USD)
– Job title ft. salary range: lowest ranges are fresh and front-end developer while highest range is AI Machine learning developer.

Read full report (English): http://bit.ly/VietnamITjobmarket032019
Read report (Vietnamese): http://bit.ly/BaocaothitruongvieclamIT


How to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

– Companies should invest in their technical infrastructure and data analyzing capabilities. Mine data can help to gain competitive advantage.

– Humans must be proactive. This requires to collaborate as a society and a shared view of how technology is reshaping our economic, social, cultural and individual lives for a healthy ecosystem.

– Also, we need to develop the flexibility and critical thinking skills to manage and adapt to the future workplace.

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