YellowBlocks Insights: Female Leaders, It’s Time to Bring Your Unique Voice to the Table24 March

YellowBlocks Insights: Female Leaders, It’s Time to Bring Your Unique Voice to the Table

Exclusive insights from YellowBlocks’ founder on the Global Victoria’s Women’s Business Summit and beyond

Victoria state (Australia) is one of the world’s most open and progressive societies for women in international business. In the occasion of its inaugural Global Victoria’s Women’s Business Summit, YellowBlocks as a women-led business was proud to be invited by the Victorian government of Australia to join the 4-day high-level program and represent tech scene in Vietnam.

More information about the summit: https://yellowblocks.org/yellowblocks-global-victorias-womens-business-summit/

Below is the summary from this meaningful trip.

Women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine)

Tour of Monash Technology Precinct (MTP): Met Victoria’s key decision makers within the globally-recognized MTP. The combination and depth of world-class research infrastructure are unrivaled nationally with Monash University, the Australian Synchrotron, CSIRO and the Monash Health clinical trial hub – all of which form the core of MTP. Leading global businesses at MTP include Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, ABB, Bosch and Lockheed Martin.

Fact! The Australia Synchrotron is the pride of Australian science and technology, only government visitors got the right to visit it – The scientists here must meet the rigorous recruitment standards set by the government. Read more about The Australian Synchrotron.

In the next 10 years it will grow to 200 people and will prioritize pushing the ratio of women closer to 50%. Working with this state-of-the-art machine is any researcher’s dream. They need to go through strict application, based on the national merit system, they will be allowed to come in for different times. Out of 2000 similar-scale Particle Accelerators globally, this one is top 2 most productive to turn research into publications/ results (runs approximately 1000 experiments per year).

At the J&J Lab – A very successful PPP model in Australia

“I have 3 bosses – J&J, the Government, and the Monash University and many people wonder how it would be possible. I do not find any conflict because we are all united by the same vision – to uplift the ecosystem. It’s not about their piece of the pie, but about the whole cake as a whole.”

the J&J Research Director

About J&J Lab: The partnering office works across Victoria’s life science ecosystem to identify and accelerate the development of early-stage healthcare solutions that address significant unmet patient needs in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer. [See J&J Lab website]

Kimiko at the J&J Lab

At the New Horizons, Woodside Innovation Centre: Got to receive a presentation from an empowered female student to present about her projects.

Visiting Monash University, the Computer Science Department and introduced about Blockchain – The university’s plan to become the top research institute on Blockchain.

“Many people look at me and say how I can manage to get to the top of my career and have two kids. It is never easy. It doesn’t work like that – everyone has their own obstacles, and what you see today is my 20 years of trying to balance it out. Be practical, and aim at what you want to do. I didn’t get intimidated while I am the only woman in the research team 20 years ago, and neither should you. Just focus on our work, do not care about other people.”

Professor Xinhua Wu, the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Precinct Partnerships) at Monash University

In conversation – Women in Victoria: STEM to the world –Vekisi leads an invigorating discussion with local and international delegates to share their personal & professional STEM journeys – what’s working and identifying the gaps?

The session was inspired by the Veski inspiring women STEM side by side program, delivered with support from the British Consulate General Melbourne empowers women at different stages of their careers, developing the networks, skills and mindset to achieve their career goals within STEM industries. The Office for Women will also showcase Victoria’s legislative approaches, policy frameworks and industry strategy to support greater female representation.

Women in International Business

At the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO): Heard keynotes from CSIRO Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley, and CEO of Australian Centre for the Moving Image Ms Katrina Sedgwick, and panel discussions from influential women and how they’ve reached senior roles in vastly different organisations

About CSIRO: It’s an Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. Its chief role is to improve the economic and social performance of the industry for the benefit of the commonwealth. See CSIRO’s website

State Government Welcome Dinner: International delegates and Victorian guests will be welcomed to Victoria by key members of the Victorian Government, including Ms Gönül Serbest, the CEO of Global Victoria. Sit down dinner and networking events.

Doan Kieu My with the Minister for Women – Victoria State, Australia

Women in Sport

Tour of Melbourne’s world-class sporting hub: To experience a live sporting event at one of the world-class facilities that form part of the city’s vibrant beating heart: Having the chance to attend The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 final: The largest women cricket event to be held. [See more about the tournaments]

Interesting fact: This tournament was played at Melbourne Cricket Ground on the International women’s day.

International Women’s Day Lunch & Change Our Game Luncheon: to experience thought provoking presentations by high profile gender equality and sporting identities, and broad networking opportunities over the course of the luncheon. Kimiko had the chance to meet Dr. Bridie O’Donnell – a road cyclist from Australia. She represented her nation at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 UCI Road World Championships. O’Donnell was an assistant orthopedic surgeon before taking up cycling, and later returned to medicine to work in health assessment.

Dr. Bridie O’Donnell – a road cyclist from Australia

Women in Infrastructure

Victoria’s Big Build & Metro Tunnel Project: To discover how international businesses can get involved in Victoria’s $70 billion program of infrastructure projects. A tour of Victoria’s biggest investment in public transport, the Metro Tunnel Project demonstrated the challenges of building in an urban environment whilst enhancing the liveability of our city. [About the Metro Tunnel in Melbourne]

Women in Food

Melbourne Laneways Dinner: To spend the evening exploring Melbourne’s hive of bustling, creative laneways, with their famed restaurants and hole-in-the-wall cafes and bars.

International Women’s Day Lunch & Change Our Game Symposium: To experience thought-provoking presentations by high profile gender equality and sporting identities, and broad networking opportunities over the course of the luncheon. Only 450 VVIPs, including 60 delegates invited by the Victoria Government from 19 nations had the invitation to join in the event.

Fascinating activities on the sidelines

Healesville Sanctuary: The Healesville Sanctuary tour included learning about the innovative work they have been doing around wildlife extinction and for bushfire affected animals. There had been a welcome to Country and to meet traditional owners / Elders in Healesville. Healesville Sanctuary’s website

Global Indigenous Runway: It’s an empowering project that has reached communities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and Africa. Got to experience a tapestry of cultural richness when Australian Aboriginal, Maori, Native American, First Nations and Pacific Nations share their stories of creativity on the runway. Check out the website

And last but not least, Kieu My had the chance to meet the Honourable Linda Dessau AC – the first female governor of Victoria, Australia. She used to be a Lawyer, but directly involved in many activities to help associations and communities related to sports, culture, arts and technology. She is over 65 years old but has a good memory. She and her husband both recognized Kimiko and said “I love Vietnam” (YellowBlocks hosted the first Women in Tech Forum in Hanoi during her first visit to Vietnam in October 2019).

with Honourable Linda Dessau AC – the first female governor of Victoria, Australia

In short, what Kimiko had learnt from the trip?

Work hard

Find out who you are – Manage your reputation – Always do the right things

Finding people who are right / Share your values

Be kind – Be thoughtful

Just make sure it’s you who decides your happiness”

Doan Kieu My (Kimiko)

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