Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2020 – Detailed Recap

Thank you for your participation and support, it’s been an epic day at Techfest 2020!


Gathered together 90+ online and offline delegates including representatives from the public and private sectors, startups, experts, domestic and international investors, and young aspiring professionals as the catalyst for upcoming collaborations across industries and countries

– Brought together 13 local and global speakers & experts to share the glimpse of frontier tech worldwide in general and Vietnam in particular

– Contributed two judges to the National Innovative Technopreneurs Contest

– Our founder sat on the board of organizers as the head of the frontier village


Firstly, we want to send the sincere thank you to Mortlach – the whisky sponsor of our VIP Dinner! We all enjoyed the tech-talks with a glass of Mortlach – a Scotch with such deep, rich, and robust character achieved without the big smoke, a definition of bold that has earned it the reputation as The Beast of Dufftown.

Also, we would like to say thank you to the local and global perspectives speakers – both organisers and participants today learned about Vietnam’s current frontier tech landscape and how we can leverage the ecosystem as a whole. Thank you and see you all again soon!


We’re aware that the beginning of the summit was encountered technical issues that had affected your viewing experience. For this, we have created a comprehensive recap to take you through the best happenings at the Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2020: Welcome To The Future. Let’s get started!

Our founder – Ms. Kimiko kicked off the summit with the keynote about Frontier Tech vs. Deep Tech vs. Technology: What are all the hyped words? She walked the audience through the definitions and the stage of deeptech: the first wave – Internet Startup, the second wave – Sharing Economy, and the third wave – Frontier/ Deep Tech. She strongly believes that the next wave of technological innovation and globalization will affect our countries, our societies, and ourselves. We will see a fusion of technologies and research that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. 

Then, there was the Welcoming remarks: COVID-19 – a chance to build a cities abc Magna Carta Society 5.0 for humanity with 4IR, smart cities tech, Blockchain AI by Mr. Dinis Guarda, World-class Youtuber & Author for Industry 4.0 and Frontier Tech. The Society 5.0 ‘superintelligent smart society’ is the UN’s SDGs sustainable circular economic society with data empowered smart cities – digital twins – robotics & augmented open AI. He further shared with us how to reinvent our cities, using the frontier technologies to overcome the challenges that come along the way, especially from the Covid-19.

Mr. Tuan Nguyen – Deputy Director, SGInnovate shared with the audience the perspective from the government on the keynote Singapore: Return on Impact & How Singapore government is betting on Deep Tech. He quoted the definition of deep tech ‘Deep Tech represents technologies (which) can have a big impact, take a long time to reach market-ready maturity, and require significant capital to develop and scale’ and he believes that Deep Tech helps us build back better, to be more resilient and sustainable. That explains why the Singapore government is investing an additional S$300 million in 2020 for Deep Tech companies.

Next, Mr. David Lang Advisor, AT&T Fortune 100 came on stage and shared his thoughts on the New force of the world & How Fortune 100 companies and corporates are investing in Frontier Tech. COVID is both the challenge and the chance for the whole world as David presented the revenue of many industries, some fails some raises. Which the covid as the new force of the world, he stressed that Frontier Technologies is NOW, and gave the startups advice: Identify the pain points & opportunities to apply frontier technologies now.

Adding to the point ‘Frontier Technologies is NOW’ of Mr. David, Ms. Kimiko came on stage once again to share her thoughts that the Frontier tech already becomes the mainstream in Vietnam. In her keynote about the overview of emerging tech in Vietnam, she then further shared with audiences the Top 10 Frontier Tech Trends/ Showcases globally vs Vietnam. We found out that there are 7/10 emerging tech trends that Vietnam has the representatives: from AI, Blockchain, IoT, 5G Technology, Agritech, BioTech to Autonomous & Electric Vehicles.

Move to the second part of the summit, we welcomed Dr. Gang Lu – President, TechNode/TechCrunch China – one of China’s most recognised influencers in the global technology sector to share with us the keynote China: The Silicon Valley of Hardware and the Future of Frontier Tech. Thanked to him, the audiences know many showcases about the China top startups in hardware and frontier techs such as Smartphones, Autonomous & Electric Vehicles, Drones & Space tech. In his opinion, techs or innovation could be just simple and with the right applications in daily services, they can help to make human life better and easier.

Contributing to the frontier tech landscape of the world, Mr. Dietmar Schwank – Commercial Counsellor, Advantage Austria shared with us the keynote about Austria: The case study of world-leader in smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Dietmar stated that Austria is a the Leading country and ready for future production while Vietnam is still in the group of ‘Nascent’ countries of Industry 4.0. ‘Nascent’ countries have to determine whether to pursue advanced manufacturing or traditional manufacturing, and to what extent. He also further shared that Vietnam excels in global trade and investment environment, and through Tech & Innovation, Human Capital, Institutional Framework, Global Trade & Investment improvements, the country can go up on the i4.0 status quo map.

The audiences were more than welcomed when we had a representative from the big local corps, Mr. Bui Dinh Giap – Technology Consulting Expert, FPT Corporation & Head of AkaBot came on stage. He shared his thoughts on An Overview of Robotics & Automation for Enterprise. He also proudly shared with the audience the journey of akaBot – a ‘Make in Viet Nam’ product, to become the Global RPA Platform. To end his keynote, Giap emphasized that technology needs humans to be efficient.

Last but not least, Ms. Yuan Yi – Co-Founder, Hiverlab gave us a glimpse on the future of AR/VR with her keynote about The AR/VR and Digital Twin Future. Yuan simply explained about the definitions of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and the term for all – XR (Extended Reality). With the global market size of AR/VR together in 2020 is US$18.8 billion, she believes that XR will be becoming affordable and accessible as the role of the technology is to bring a better engagement between human and the huge number of data & insights we have.

We also explored further about the roles of different sectors in fostering the growth of frontier tech in Vietnam with the highlight of the summit – Panel Discussion: Frontier Tech in Vietnam – Present or Future?

Ms. Trang Tran, Principal, B Capital believed that the Frontier Techs can transform across industries and geographies. If the last two decades we already witnessed the raise of consumers internet, the next two ones will be about digital transformation. She also gave the advice that to grow and scale faster and stronger, startups in Vietnam should think about grow not as an individual party, but as the whole ecosystem.

Adding to Trang’s view point, Mr. Nguyen Thien Tam – Head of Digital Banking, OCB shared that the banking in Vietnam now is at the PoC stage as they are implementing the technologies from the leading worldwide banks and try to learn how it will work out for the local market.

Also from the VC view points, Ms. Michelle Ng. from Quest Ventures shared that Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging economies in Southeast Asia. Its robust economy is supported by strong domestic demand and an export-oriented manufacturing sector. Nikkei Asia mentioned that Vietnam could emerge as the sole economic winner in Southeast Asia, as we see Vietnam GDP expanding 2.6% in the third quarter, marketing a second straight quarter of growth amid COVID-19. Exports grew 9.9% on the year in October to $26.7 billion. Frontier technology will ride on the tailwind and see its applications across sectors and industries. But we need to be mindful about the future of work, new frontier technology divide and the ethical considerations of frontier technologies.

Continuing with the digital transformation and the changes in the future of work, Dr. Duy Dang-Pham, Senior Program Manager, RMIT University shared about the role of academy to foster the tech ecosystem and Vietnam’s growth in Industry 4.0. RMIT is currently working on multiple projects on AI, Blockchain, Smart cities as well as presented many courses, programs to help the young students well-prepared for the future of workforce’ changes.

The moderator – Ms Kimiko concluded the panel and the summit by sharing that Vietnam is now heading close to the third wave – the wave of Frontier/ Deep Tech. To make frontier tech flourish in Vietnam or anywhere in the world, it’s essential that we need to focus first on the existing barriers and enablers that could help to achieve it better from the investment capacity and from the players, at the same time, to connect and collaborate as a whole ecosystem.


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About the Frontier Tech Summit: Frontier technology is the next phase in the evolution of modern technology. Frontier technology is the intersection where radical forward thinking and real-world implementation meet. During this session, top global and local speakers will gather to present and discuss different case studies – giving you the glimpse of the very near future as we know it.

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