13 February, 2020

It is with great pleasure to announce that we formed the partnerships with Singapore Management University (SMU) - the third public university in Singapore. SMU is a specialized university in business management. They have the strongest graduate employability outcomes in Singapore in terms of strongest employment rates and highest starting salary amongst all Singapore government - funded universities (2018) To mark this special occasion, we would like to introduce to you about the SMU [...]

Báo Cáo Xu Hướng Internet Đông Nam Á 2019

06 December, 2019

Báo cáo Xu hướng Internet Đông Nam Á 2019 sẽ mang đến một cái nhìn súc tích về thị trường công nghệ tại khu vực với các chiến lược công nghệ phù hợp từng đặc điểm địa lý, các nhà đầu tư và các công ty tại từng thị trường. (Tiếng Việt bên dưới) In the strategic partnerships between North Ridge Partners and YellowBlocks, we are grateful to announce the Vietnamese version of 2019 Southeast Asia Internet Tren [...]

What happened in TechFest – Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2019

06 December, 2019

TechFest - Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2019 curated by YellowBlocks has come to a great end, thanks for your participation and support HIGHLIGHTS: 🔸Engaged directly and learned from top global speakers about the power of frontier tech, the ABCD (AI - Blockchain - Cloud - Data), Smart Cities, Digital Transformation as well as the future trends of the innovative startup ecosystem in Vietnam and Asia.🔸With our strategic partners our key advisors David Lang, Tony Wheeler explored w [...]


10 October, 2019

YellowBlocks, the first emerging tech ecosystem connector in Vietnam, commits to dedicate our resources to support and empower the digital transformation and emerging technology development in Vietnam ecosystem. Highlights 🔸Engaged directly with all industry peers and professionals in the exhibition booth🔸With our strategic partners Onpun, Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF), Viettel and our key advisors David Lang, Tony Wheeler discussed issues facing key industries in digital tra [...]

Deep Tech Heroes S1E1: Revolutionizing Medicine with Living Microtissues

03 October, 2019

“I’ve done multiple companies in my career, but this one in particular is of great interest to me because there are very few times in your life that you get a chance to affect the health and well-being of this many people. So it’s a good thing for society and a good thing for the world, and the world needs a few good things these days” - Bob Petcavich, the Chief Science Officer and Co-founder of StemoniX Recently YellowBlocks sat down with Mr. Bob Petcavich, the Chief Science Of [...]


20 September, 2019

Today, let us introduce to you the first ‘block’ of YellowBlocks - Our advisors!They are experts with decades of experience in startup ecosystems from all over the world, captivated by the growth of Vietnam and ready to help accelerate that growth. We’re incredibly fortunate to be their trusted platform to make things happen. Mr. David Lang, Digital Transformation Consultant - Fortune 100 companies David is an entrepreneurial and innovative executive with more than 30 years of t [...]

(Community Support) Elastos Achieves Over 50% of Bitcoin’s Hashrate, Soft Launches a New Ethereum Based Blockchain

05 September, 2019

Elastos and the secrets how to achieve over 50 percentage of Bitcoin's Hashrate and top 100 successful blockchain project on CoinMarketCap. Congratulate our partner Elastos for making it one of the most successful blockchain project - top 100 on CoinMarketCap. About Elastos Elastos (ELA) bills itself as the 'first completely safe and decentralized infrastructure for the internet'. Its vision is to create a blockchain-powered decentralized internet that enables digital rights and se [...]


25 August, 2019

Well over 100 ecosystem stakeholders, high-level decision makers, and community leaders were in attendance for a day full of Deep Tech Ecosystem Meetup! What is deep tech and why is it important? SGInnovate’s Deputy Director, Mr. Tuan Nguyen, explained that deep tech is innovation “based on substantial scientific advances and high-tech engineering” often based on major societal shifts and challenges. Its existence is fundamental to society as “it helps enable our future econo [...]

YellowBlocks team at the Vietnam Mobile Day 2019

23 August, 2019

Mr. David Lang, key advisor of YellowBlocks shared a keynote on topic The mindset for Digital Transformation and Exponential Growth at the #VietnamMobileDay2019. What is Vietnam Mobile Day What if we told you that Mobile Day wasn’t all about mobile technology, application and developer in blackhoodie? Vietnam Mobile Day is considered one of the largest annual Tech Events for all tech lovers in Vietnam. We have leaders from top-notch Tech companies, up rising startups [...]

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) x YellowBlocks x SVF

23 August, 2019

Today marks the partnerships between the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) x YellowBlocks x SVFAlso, YellowBlocks is the strategic partner for the 2019 ASEAN-China Intelligent Industry Conference (ASEANIIC 2019) The exhibition brings together over 100 exhibitions of leading corporations and smart industrial companies from China, ASEAN, Europe, Japan, Korea.. in the intelligent vehicle, robotic, data storage, smart technology, smart finance. The Audience will be the leading [...]