Meet YellowBlocks’ founder Kimiko at BEYOND EXPO 2021

21 July, 2021

YellowBlocks are thrilled to announce that we are the community partner of Beyond Expo 2021 held from August 25 - 28 in Macau. The theme of BEYOND is "Technology x Impact". Through this theme, we would like to explore the next disruptive tech innovations that are critical for the future and how they impact different industries to solve global challenges. More info: https://beyondexpo.com As an initiator of YellowBlocks and Women In Tech Vietnam which both aim to bridge Vietnamese stakeholde [...]

Quest for Growth – Vietnam Global Innovation: Regional Innovation & Building Your Success Strategy in Vietnam

12 March, 2021

Previously, Quest for Growth - Batch 1 got positive feedback from the startups who joined the webinar  - 100% of them agreed that the program has helped them gain a better understanding of what it takes to successfully expand into Vietnam, they mentioned that the knowledge transfer covered many critical aspects that are useful to their business. Following the success of the ‘Quest for Growth - Batch 1’, our founder had the honor to speak at ‘Vietnam Global Innovation - Batch 2: Region [...]

YellowBlocks x VTC10  –  Doan Kieu My (Kimiko) on her mission as a super-connector

20 May, 2020

Recently our Founder and CEO Doan Kieu My (Kimiko) was featured in VTC10 -  one of the biggest national portals - to share about her journey becoming an inspiring female leader and the vision of YellowBlocks as an emerging tech super-connector, below are five key messages. https://youtu.be/-kKafRkcUzg 1. Homeland is where the heart is/ The journey of becoming a Women In Tech Kimiko’s passion for Tech community building was traced to her family background, whose aunt was a senior p [...]

Doan Kieu My – The rise of the super-connector in Vietnam Tech ecosystem

18 May, 2020

Though the startup ecosystem in Vietnam is flourishing to folks outside, it's quite fragmented and lacks the super-connectors to connect the dots. Super-connectors know everyone and everyone knows them. "Super-connectors are invaluable people" - Said The Entrepreneurs - “They match people with opportunities and, in doing so, they leave their connections with a positive opinion of them and their abilities.” In an emerging startup country like Vietnam whose components of the ecosystem a [...]

Doan Kieu My, founder of YellowBlocks and Women in Tech Vietnam was featured on HEC for Women

04 March, 2020

Doan Kieu My, founder of YellowBlocks and Women in Tech Vietnam was featured on HEC for Women. She engaged in conversation about stereotypes of women leaders and the lack of diversity of role models for young women. https://www.facebook.com/hecforwomen/videos/192764111979005/?v=192764111979005 “We can not be someone that we never knew. If we cannot show more examples of successful women in different fields, especially those that were previously dominated by their male counterpart [...]

YellowBlocks’s Founder Doan Kieu My On Connecting The Dots and Ecosystem

16 August, 2019

“From tech to business, marketing, then back to tech, it was a long journey home for me,” says Doan Kieu My, Founder of YellowBlocks, the ecosystem builder that’s connecting Vietnam’s startups to the world.  This post is also available in Vietnamese After just 8 months since its founding, YellowBlocks has built more than 60 strategic partnerships with major local and global names, boasting an extended reach of more than 100,000 audience in the tech and startup space. [...]