YellowBlocks x VTC10  –  Doan Kieu My (Kimiko) on her mission as a super-connector

20 May, 2020

Recently our Founder and CEO Doan Kieu My (Kimiko) was featured in VTC10 -  one of the biggest national portals - to share about her journey becoming an inspiring female leader and the vision of YellowBlocks as an emerging tech super-connector, below are five key messages. https://youtu.be/-kKafRkcUzg 1. Homeland is where the heart is/ The journey of becoming a Women In Tech Kimiko’s passion for Tech community building was traced to her family background, whose aunt was a senior p [...]

Doan Kieu My – The rise of the super-connector in Vietnam Tech ecosystem

18 May, 2020

Though the startup ecosystem in Vietnam is flourishing to folks outside, it's quite fragmented and lacks the super-connectors to connect the dots. Super-connectors know everyone and everyone knows them. "Super-connectors are invaluable people" - Said The Entrepreneurs - “They match people with opportunities and, in doing so, they leave their connections with a positive opinion of them and their abilities.” In an emerging startup country like Vietnam whose components of the ecosystem a [...]

Here’s how the emerging tech ecosystem is combating the COVID-19

16 April, 2020

The COVID-19 has changed almost everything in our lives and nothing is going back to normal after this. Amid the crisis, having people informed is the most important thing YellowBlocks can do. We realize that you have already swamped by coronavirus coverage and it’s making you feel stressed. That’s why we will only focus on two main things: The stakeholders’ movements, and Tech initiatives that might help win the fight against the virus. We have curated from the best sources to [...]


14 April, 2020

Businesses forced closed during COVID-19, we turned around to release the national hit song to fight back the pandemic Viet Nam Oi is the flagship uplifting song in Vietnam for national occasions. Minh Beta - its songwriter and singer - collaborated with YellowBlocks to rewrite the lyrics to encourage nationalism and people's unity to overcome the pandemic. Starting with a man’s passion, a team’s creativity, the government’s endorsement, and the whole public’s support, with z [...]

Jerry Watkins: Insights on the Industry 4.0 Landscape in Vietnam

14 April, 2020

Today, YellowBlocks sat down with Associate Professor Jerry Watkins, Head of RMIT CODE to discover more about the collaboration between RMIT and YellowBlocks and to gain expert insights about the Industry 4.0 landscape in Vietnam. RMIT University’s Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE) is dedicated to digitally driven innovation in training and education for business and government projects. CODE and YellowBlocks have worked closely on multiple projects to accomplish the shared ambition [...]

Covid-19 outbreak – Insights on the opportunities for change in terms of Smart City

13 March, 2020

In the series of articles about the impact of emerging tech on the world's socio-economic during the COVID19 outbreak, YellowBlocks would take you to a brighter outlook when Smart city is seizing its moments perfectly and bringing superior perceived-value to the human race. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has rattled industries in every sector across the world. The impact is wide-ranging, from office closing and production delays to high-profile event cancellations. However, the coronavirus [...]

YellowBlocks x The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

27 February, 2020

Our founder Doan Kieu My will be featured in the “Trade Promotion and Investment Promotion conference in Danang” as one of the strategic members of HBC (Business and Investor Council in HCM City), under VCCI (The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry). The event will also feature +600 businesses and +300 entrepreneurs in the fields of Commerce, Real estate..., and the 100 self-driving cars. “As the very first emerging technology ecosystem superconnector in Vietnam, Yellow [...]


14 October, 2019

Major technological, economic and environmental changes have generated interest in smart cities, including climate change, economic restructuring, the move to online retail and entertainment, ageing populations, urban population growth and pressures on public finances. Are cities becoming “smart” in the same way that telephones became smart? While smartphones have become ubiquitous and have managed to reduce landline service to only 40% of American homes, “smart” within the co [...]


06 October, 2019

Early of this week, we have launched the Deep Tech Heroes S1E1: Revolutionizing Medicine with Living Microtissues.👉Read more: https://yellowblocks.org/deep-tech-heroes-s1e1-revolutioni…/To continue and spread out that spirit, this one-minute bite size sheds light on the future of medical technology. The future of medical technology Medicine is one of the world’s oldest industries and major advances in medicine usually reflect humanity’s progress milestones. Today, all of thes [...]


20 September, 2019

Today, let us introduce to you the first ‘block’ of YellowBlocks - Our advisors!They are experts with decades of experience in startup ecosystems from all over the world, captivated by the growth of Vietnam and ready to help accelerate that growth. We’re incredibly fortunate to be their trusted platform to make things happen. Mr. David Lang, Digital Transformation Consultant - Fortune 100 companies David is an entrepreneurial and innovative executive with more than 30 years of t [...]