2020-2030: Spearheading a decade of emerging tech adoption

10 January, 2020

We cannot help wondering what 2020 is going to bring. Hence, we would love to bring some suggestions for you to kick-off the new decade. In the spirit of all we hold dear - hope, courage, wisdom, openness, kindness and endless curiosity - our team at YellowBlocks wish you a happy new year of doing new things and making new memories. May this new year and this decade be bright!  2019: YEAR IN REVIEW Since you have been with us, we are working day and night to connect the connec [...]

Techfest – Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2019: Unleashing Billions Through Smart City and Frontier Tech Ecosystem

18 December, 2019

A remarkable annual tech event of 2019 reveals Vietnam is looked as a highly prospective alternative destination for investment capital Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2019 curated by YellowBlocks successfully took place in the afternoon of December 5 in parallel with TechFest 2019 in Halong Bay, Vietnam.  TechFest Vietnam is an annual biggest event hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and in collaboration with other ministries and socio-economic organizations. The high [...]

What happened in TechFest – Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2019

06 December, 2019

TechFest - Vietnam Frontier Tech Summit 2019 curated by YellowBlocks has come to a great end, thanks for your participation and support HIGHLIGHTS: 🔸Engaged directly and learned from top global speakers about the power of frontier tech, the ABCD (AI - Blockchain - Cloud - Data), Smart Cities, Digital Transformation as well as the future trends of the innovative startup ecosystem in Vietnam and Asia.🔸With our strategic partners our key advisors David Lang, Tony Wheeler explored w [...]

[RECAP] WEWORK SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Unveiling the keys for women to become breakthrough leaders

28 October, 2019

The three beautiful and talented leaders shared with 120+ audience about their personal experiences and advices throughout the journeys to the top of their respective fields. We hope you all gained the joyful moment! Now, let's bring back the great moments! Ms. Doan Kieu My - Founder of YellowBlocks, ABCD Tech and Women In Tech Vietnam Key messages: • BE CURIOUS AND BEYOND• ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF?• WOMEN SUPPORT WOMEN• BE UNIQUE Ms. Duong Thuc Linh [...]


26 October, 2019

YellowBlocks is the first emerging tech consulting firm for Vietnam. We have more than 120 partners in 40 countries, and curate the list of top tech events and exclusive offers for our network.Let's check out the list for Nov - Dec 2019 in Vietnam and SEA! 1. HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM - NOVEMBER 5 | NCDT Investment Conference 2019  Investment conference is an annual conference hosted by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine , with the participant of more than 300 CEOs and leading experts in d [...]


25 October, 2019

It's YellowBlocks’ privilege to be one of the 16 members of the Education 4.0 Alliance in Vietnam. We share the same goal that together as an ecosystem, we can foster the transformation of Vietnamese education, from the conventional methodologies to a system applying the technologies. 1. Ms Pham Hai Yen, CEO - School of Gumption, came on stage and shared the mission and goal of the Edu 4.0 Alliance. An article about the launching and MoU between 16 members: https://www.giaoduc. [...]


14 October, 2019

Major technological, economic and environmental changes have generated interest in smart cities, including climate change, economic restructuring, the move to online retail and entertainment, ageing populations, urban population growth and pressures on public finances. Are cities becoming “smart” in the same way that telephones became smart? While smartphones have become ubiquitous and have managed to reduce landline service to only 40% of American homes, “smart” within the co [...]


10 October, 2019

YellowBlocks, the first emerging tech ecosystem connector in Vietnam, commits to dedicate our resources to support and empower the digital transformation and emerging technology development in Vietnam ecosystem. Highlights 🔸Engaged directly with all industry peers and professionals in the exhibition booth🔸With our strategic partners Onpun, Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF), Viettel and our key advisors David Lang, Tony Wheeler discussed issues facing key industries in digital tra [...]

Private Briefing: Blockchain – Crypto Economics and Beyond

17 July, 2019

On the occasion of Global RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub visit to Ho Chi Minh city, Yellow Blocks is proud to be the exclusive partner to nominate 15 delegates to join the private discussion on Blockchain - Crypto Economics and Beyond with Dr Chris Berg - representative of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub. First, a big congratulation to our strategic partner RMIT University Vietnam for being recognized as Top 3 in the world in Cryptoeconomics and Blockchain research, accordi [...]

Partnership between Harmony.one x YellowBlocks

06 July, 2019

To mark this special day, YellowBlocks proud to be the partner for the event: Invincible Summer in Vietnam with Harmony, Tomochain & Contenos this 11 July 2019. Harmony (https://harmony.one/) is a fast and secure blockchain with key innovations in state sharding and peer-to-peer networking, built by a 12-person team featuring 7 engineers from Google, Apple, & Amazon and 2 PhDs. Harmony’s infrastructure can enable various types of decentralized applications and marketplaces from [...]