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It is with great pleasure to announce that we formed the partnerships with Singapore Management University (SMU) – the third public university in Singapore.

SMU is a specialized university in business management. They have the strongest graduate employability outcomes in Singapore in terms of strongest employment rates and highest starting salary amongst all Singapore government – funded universities (2018)

To mark this special occasion, we would like to introduce to you about the SMU Internship Program 2020. This 10-week internship aims to provide students with deeper cross-cultural appreciation of business practices and research, while providing an excellent source of highly-motivated, career-minded individuals for employers. The program covers global, especially in Southeast Asia.

The purpose of the SMU’s internship programs

Through SMU’s internship programs, students to get to know Vietnam better at the business level and have an understanding of the companies, challenges, opportunities and business culture.

With the support from the Singapore government and SMU, students are looking for internship as well as long – term hired opportunities here in Vietnam. SMU Internship Programs are open for all employers in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi, HCMC, and Danang.

Details of the SMU’s internship programs in Vietnam 2020

Hereunder are the most updated SMU’s internship programs in Vietnam:

 Summer Internship Programme 2020 (Flexible start and end date)
Internship period1)       27 April to 14 AugustInternships can start and end anytime in this period
Posting dateDecember 2019 to May 2020
(No deadline)
Interview dateJanuary to May
Internship offerASAP after interview
Logistics (Air fare, visa accommodation)Students handle
Class levelYear 1 to 3

The SMU internship program is a proven, cost – effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees for organizations.

The 10 – 12 week summer internship program will start in April 2020 and open for employers to register in December 2019. Students will contact the employers directly to apply for the internship positions that you posted on SMU’s onTRAC platform.

They also have a shorter internship period (05 weeks) during Winter break which happens between December – January every year, employers can post JDs and receive student’s resumes through the platform for this internship period.

SMU Internship Programs are open for all employers in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Hanoi, HCMC, and Danang.

SMU has a platform to connect employers and SMU’s community, called the onTRAC, where employers can post job descriptions and students can apply for these vacancies. I will assist your organization on signing up and have your own account on this platform. Once you have the access on this platform, you can post the opportunities (internships and full – time) on it and also access to the submitted resumes from our students.

Students Profile:

Year 1 to 4 students from: 

1)      Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management)

2)      Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

3)      Bachelor of Business Management

4)      Bachelor of Accountancy

5)      Bachelor of Social Science

6)      Bachelor of Science (Economics)

7)      Bachelor of Laws

Other Materials:

Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship factsheets

It is now, FEBRUARY and MARCH 2020 the perfect time for SMU students to look for their summer internship opportunities, therefore please kindly contact Ms. Giao Dao, ASEAN Program Manager and SMU Vietnam Representative at giaodao@techjdi.com for more details.

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