SMU Summer Overseas Virtual Internship Programme 2021

Continuing the success of last year’s programme, YellowBlocks are happy to announce the Summer Overseas Virtual Internship Programme 2021 that organized our partner Singapore Management University.

Singapore Management University is the third public university in Singapore. SMU is a specialised university in business management. They have the strongest graduate employability outcomes in Singapore in terms of strongest employment rates and highest starting salary amongst all Singapore government – funded universities (2018).

Due to Covid – 19 pandemic, SMU has been running a new internship program, called the Overseas Virtual Internship programs. The virtual internship programme is pretty similar to face-to-face internship except that it’s minus the travelling to Vietnam for the internship.

The purpose of the SMU’s internship programs

Through SMU’s internship programs, students get to know Vietnam better at the business level and have an understanding of the companies, challenges, opportunities and business culture. 

With the support from the Singapore government and SMU, SMU students are looking for internships as well as long – term hired opportunities in Vietnam. The SMU internship programs are a proven, cost – effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees organizations.

Details of the SMU’s internship programs in Vietnam 2021

Full – time Virtual internship: 

This program has the same timeline as the on – site programs. The closest internship period will be from 3 May 2021 to 13 August 2021. The only difference is that instead of coming to Vietnam, they will stay in Singapore and work remotely at your organization in Vietnam. 

Part – time Virtual internship:

SMU also let our students work part – time remotely at organizations in Vietnam. They can work part – time during their semesters. Employer’s recruitment plans will not be limited by timelines and can recruit SMU interns throughout the year. The working hours/ periods will depend on the student’s timetables and the agreement between students and employers.

Onsite Internships (AIP):

We certainly hope that the Covid – 19 situation will improve and our students can travel to Vietnam for a full overseas internship experience. We will keep you posted if this program is reactive as soon as travel restrictions are lifted.

How do you start recruiting SMU’s interns?

SMU has a platform to connect employers and SMU’s community, called the onTRAC, where employers can post job descriptions and students can apply for these vacancies. Once you have the access on this platform, you can post the opportunities (internships and full – time hires) on it and also access to the submitted resumes from our students.

The profiles of students will be from the 6 schools below. Anytime you’re ready with the job descriptions you can send it to us. 

Students Profile:

Year 1 to 4 students from: 

1)      Bachelor of Science (Information Systems Management) / BSc (Information Systems) – Smart-City Management & Technology Major

2)      Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

3)      Bachelor of Science (Computing and Law)

4)      Bachelor of Business Management

5)      Bachelor of Accountancy

6)      Bachelor of Social Science

7)      Bachelor of Science (Economics)

8)      Bachelor of Laws


1)     Job Title: 

2)     Detailed Job Description:

3) Applicant pre-requisites such as type of degree courses, class of students (sophomore, junior, senior)

4) No. of vacancies:             

5) Closing Date for application

6) Start Date of Internship

7) End Date of Internship

8) Allowance per month is any

9) Supervisor details (Required) such as name, email, contact no., designation:


  • Submit the post on OnTRAC / Directly send the JDs about the job to the PIC.
  • The career centre will review the post/ JDs 

– Review the post/ JDs by the career centre before the students can view the posting.

– You can choose to have the students send their resume directly to you OR accumulate on OnTRAC.

– You may contact the potential student directly to arrange for an interview.

– Appreciate that you will inform me of the internship start and end dates when you the selected student has accepted the internship offer.

– Students will apply for necessary travel documents and source for accommodation (when travel restrictions are lifted)

– An email confirmation will be sent to you for the selected candidate.

Please contact the SMU’s representatives directly for further information (ASEAN) (Indonesia) (Vietnam)

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