Quest for Growth – Vietnam Global Innovation: Regional Innovation & Building Your Success Strategy in Vietnam

Previously, Quest for Growth – Batch 1 got positive feedback from the startups who joined the webinar  – 100% of them agreed that the program has helped them gain a better understanding of what it takes to successfully expand into Vietnam, they mentioned that the knowledge transfer covered many critical aspects that are useful to their business.

Following the success of the ‘Quest for Growth – Batch 1’, our founder had the honor to speak at ‘Vietnam Global Innovation – Batch 2: Regional Innovation & Building Your Success Strategy in Vietnam’, hosted by our strategic partner Quest Ventures.

For Batch 2, the Fireside Chat was in the format of an interactive Q&A where all the participants could clarify doubts and quickly seek advice from the panelists. Our founder Kimiko shared her thoughts on the trends of women-led tech startups in Vietnam, the Vietnam’s Role in Regional Innovation; as well as her insightful advice to the overseas founders looking to enter Vietnam with COVID’s travel restrictions in the background.

Moderator: Varden Toh, Analyst of Quest Ventures


Kimiko Doan (Founder of YellowBlocks and Women In Tech Vietnam), 

Long Leo Pham (Manager, Access Ventures)

Quynh Vo (Program Director, Zone Startups Vietnam), 

Yuan Yi (Co-founder, Hiverlab)

? Stay tuned for the recap video of Batch 2 which can be found here: 

? Meanwhile, let’s take a look at Kimiko’s sharing from Batch 1: ‘Growth hacking in Vietnam and Southeast Asia’: 

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