Doan Kieu My, founder of YellowBlocks and Women in Tech Vietnam was featured on HEC for Women04 March

Doan Kieu My, founder of YellowBlocks and Women in Tech Vietnam was featured on HEC for Women

Doan Kieu My, founder of YellowBlocks and Women in Tech Vietnam was featured on HEC for Women. She engaged in conversation about stereotypes of women leaders and the lack of diversity of role models for young women.

Kimiko Doan, leading the way for women in tech

Meet Kimiko Doan, founder and CEO of YellowBlocks and initiator of Women In Tech Vietnam. We were truly honored to meet Kimiko and learn about how she made an impressive career out of her passion: tech. We had a very insightful conversation about biases towards female leaders and the lack of diverse role models for young girls. She explained us her initiative “Women in Tech”, which aims at sharing more stories of women and inspire many others to join the field! Thank you so much Kimiko for meeting us and many thank to WeWork for offering us the perfect set for the interview.To know more 👆Nous avons rencontré Kimiko Doan, fondatrice et CEO de YellowBlocks, qui est aussi derrière Women In Tech Vietnam. C’était un honneur de rencontrer Kimiko et d’en apprendre plus sur son impressionnante carrière dans la tech, sa passion. Nous avons eu une discussion très intéressante sur les stéréotypes envers les femmes leaders et sur le manque de diversité des role models pour les jeunes femmes. Kimiko nous a aussi présenté son initiative “Women in Tech” qui vise à mettre en avant plus d’histoires de femmes et d’en inspirer de nombreuses autres à rejoindre ce domaine ! Merci beaucoup Kimiko pour cet échange et également un grand merci à WeWork pour nous avoir mis à disposition le set parfait pour l’interview.Pour en savoir plus 👆

Posted by HEC for Women on Sunday, 1 March 2020

“We can not be someone that we never knew. If we cannot show more examples of successful women in different fields, especially those that were previously dominated by their male counterparts, then how can they tell themselves “oh I can also do this” – She said. “That’s why we founded Women in Tech Vietnam as an open community which aims to highlight more women’s stories and inspire many others to join this field!”

HEC for Women is a project which aims at drawing an overview of inspirational women with ambitious paths from all around the world in order to bring to the fore more female role models. More infor: https://www.hecforwomen.com/

Thank you HEC for Women for the great interview and thank you WeWork for providing us with the perfect set for the interview.

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