#NFT4VN, the first community fundraising project using blockchain in Vietnam

16 September, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that YellowBlocks will join the organising committee for NFT4VN - the first community fundraising project using Blockchain in Vietnam, along with RADA DAO, Cổng Trời NFT Vietnam, and RedFOX Labs. Our goal is to fundraise 1 Million USD through the sale of 1 NFT Collection of +10,000 artworks. The project is open for sale online on multiple platforms. And thanks to blockchain, all revenues and expenditures are updated in real-time, and transparent. All profits [...]

RedFOX Labs as the Headline Sponsor for IBCOL 2021 – Vietnam Selection Round

14 September, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between YellowBlocks and RedFOX Labs - a blockchain venture builder based in Vietnam. Following the partnership, RedFOX Labs will on board as the Headline Sponsor for the $5,000 cash prize in the International Blockchain Olympiad 2021 - Vietnam Selection Round.  RedFOX Labs works to build, launch, and scale high-growth ventures in Southeast Asia. Its focus is to unlock the true market potential of the digital economy for high consumer demand s [...]

Vote for 2021 ORIGIN Innovation Awards

31 August, 2021

Following our community partnership between YellowBlocks and TechNode Global, we call our for voting at Beyond: 2021 ORIGIN Innovation Awards.  The APAC region offers an array of growth opportunities in the technology sector and it is an incredible time to be part of the digital age in this region. ORIGIN Innovation Awards returns for its 2nd year where our partner TechNodeGlobal applauds businesses that exemplified outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship. This is your last chan [...]

Beyond Expo: Vietnam’s Startup Landscape

18 August, 2021

YellowBlocks are excited to partner TechNode Global for the BEYOND Expo 2021 that will take place from August 26 to 28, 2021, at The Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Centre, Macao. Together with TechNode Global, YellowBlocks will host a BEYOND Virtual panel to discuss "Vietnam’s Startup Landscape: Opportunities And Challenges" with speakers from FPT Digital, National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC, under Ministry of Science and Tech [...]

Call out Contestants For The International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) 2021 – Vietnam Selection Round

18 August, 2021

The International Blockchain Olympiad - IBCOL is an annual global competition inviting current and recent students to propose complete solutions for real-world problems with blockchain technology. IBCOL combines the practicality of case competitions with the open-ended problem-solving culture of hack-a-thons, where participants submit proposals like an academic conference and as a bonus, implementations of capstone projects as prototypes. IBCOL 2021 - Vietnam Selection Round The IBCOL 20 [...]

Meet YellowBlocks’ founder Kimiko at BEYOND EXPO 2021

21 July, 2021

YellowBlocks are thrilled to announce that we are the community partner of Beyond Expo 2021 held from August 25 - 28 in Macau. The theme of BEYOND is "Technology x Impact". Through this theme, we would like to explore the next disruptive tech innovations that are critical for the future and how they impact different industries to solve global challenges. More info: https://beyondexpo.com As an initiator of YellowBlocks and Women In Tech Vietnam which both aim to bridge Vietnamese stakeholde [...]

Joining this NFT Vision Hackathon and bring home $68.000!

17 July, 2021

As the community partner of the contest, YellowBlocks would like to call out for participants for this global & online hackathon - NFT Vision Hack.  NFT Vision Hack gathers some of the most talented creatives and engineers to break the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of non-fungible-solutions (NFTs). Each team will receive all the necessary support while they compete for the cash prize up to $68,000, across one of the four tracks:  - Build on Rarible Protocol- N [...]

YellowBlocks as the community partner of ORIGIN Innovation Awards by TechNode Global

30 June, 2021

YellowBlocks is honored to announce that we are on board as the community partner of ORIGIN Innovation Awards - the APAC’s esteemed accolade given to brilliant tech startups and innovations in the region. Organized by TechNode, ORIGIN Innovation Awards covers a diverse range of verticals, from Artificial Intelligence to GreenTech and Sustainable Tech. What is ORIGIN Innovation Awards? ORIGIN Innovation Awards is APAC’s esteemed accolade for tech innovation which aims to provide recogn [...]

Unicorn Pitches Vietnam 2021 – The World’s Largest Startup Pitch Contest

04 June, 2021

🌟 Join us if you are about to raise seed funding, and want a chance to pitch your idea to international VCs and Business Angels !! YellowBlocks is delighted to share with you the online Unicorn Pitches Vietnam 2021 – part of the World Largest Startup Pitch Contest, powered by Indochina Consulting and Startup Network. Pitching at the Unicorn Pitches / Battles is absolutely FREE and is a great opportunity for you to: ✨ Present your startup to the largest players from the investmen [...]

Calling out participants for Applied AI Conference 2021

23 May, 2021

Ever wondered how you could make AI work for your business? On behalf of our Founder Kimiko, who is also the Advisory Board Member of Innovation Council (under ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA), it’s our pleasure to invite you to the upcoming Applied AI Conference from May 25-28, 2021. AAIC is a business reality, where we focus on the real-world impact of AI - from strategy & organization to use-cases and investments. AAIC is a B2B conference, where we connect AI solution developers with poten [...]